Monday, 4 August 2014

Chapter 1 Personal Awareness

Part 2 - Health p23 - 30

1. What edition of the Child Safety Handbook is this? Edition 40 √

2. Where does the information in the CSH come from? NZ police √

4. What are 3 medical conditions which can develop as a result of being overweight in childhood? Diabetes, High blood pressure and Cholesterol. √

5. What is the recommendation for
- television? Two hours. √
- rewards for good behaviour? Healthy snacks. √
- number of meals and snacks per day? Three √
- exercise? Two hours per week. √
- salt? Choose food with low salt. √
- milk? Drink reduced-fat milk if you are over 2 years. √
- soft drinks? Replace with milk or water. √

6. True or False?
- Boys have more body fat than girls False √
- Being a vegetarian can affect your iron levels True √
- Children under 4 years old shouldn’t eat raw carrots True √
- It is safe to store leftover food in cans False √

7. Name 7 things children can be allergic to. Animals, Plants, Dust, Soaps, Chemicals, Peanuts, Bee Stings. √

8. How would you know that you have asthma? Coughing during the night, fast breathing, Restless during sleep. √

9. How many times a day should you brush your teeth? Twice. √

10. What should you do if your tooth gets knocked out in an accident? Pick the tooth by the crown only. Don't touch the root. √

11. Do the word creator task on page 40. Write your words on the page. see, geans, pie, pen, pens, nip, peas, fees, nap, ape, safe, ask, skip.

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