Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Homework Challenges!

My Homework Challenges
Challenge 1. I have swam 2k non stop. In April I went to rotura to swim 2k non stop! it took me 45 minuets and when I finished it I felt so sick but happy that I had completed it!

Challenge 2.
I have visited my Grandma at her rest home  once  everyone sunday in term 4 last year. I visited my Grandma and the other elderly people at a rest home close to BayFair.

I played piano for my Grandma and the other elderly people for 1 hour. Then my Grandma died in January Challenge 3. I Have been in a surf live saving club for 5 years. I started Omanu surf live saving when I was six and i have loved it ever since! I train 3 days a week in the summer and do swimming to improve my surf in the winter.
Challenge 4. I have played school Water polo . I played Water polo in term 1 at Tauranga intermediate, I think it was really fun to learn how to play Water polo and i learnt heaps, and it also helps with your fitness witch is really good to!
Challenge 5. I have completed an national event  - Oceans 13\ Surf Life Saving, Oceans was the best competing experience i have ever had so far and i learnt so much like reading the waves ( One of the days i had to paddle out on my glass board in 2 metre to 2 and a half meters! ) In the end i make it through to the next round!

Challenge 6. I have played piano for 6 years, and i love playing it so much it is so fun and good because you can learn how to play music and play for you family members and show them how much you have improved! I started when i was 5 playing the keyboard and when i was 7 i brought a brand new piano, and I am now grade 3!

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