Thursday, 1 August 2013

Giving Homework


1.  Today I washed the bathroom, it was already quite clean but I decided to clean the bathroom again!  When I washed I actually washed myself because my hands were so clean,soft and they smelt nice!!
When my mum walked in to see the bathroom she was so happy!! So now I can't wait to do my next job!!

2. Today I vacuumed the house and as soon as i turned it on i got such a fright because our vacuum is so loud but after I  vacuumed around my bedroom, mum and dads bedrooms I got used to the job and it took me about 15 mins!

3. Today I cleaned the windows and it was actually a cool job because it only took 10 mins and after I finished I could see through my bedroom window once again my mum was pleased because that meant she had one job less!

4. Today I made our lounge cleaner by putting rubbish in the bin, make the book shelf tidy and dust under tables! It was really boring but I got through it really quickly and my mum and dad were really happy!!

5. Today I helped out in the garden,pulling out weeds, watered all the flowers\plants, and trimmed 14 ( I think ) plants! it was a nice day to do it,I worked up a sweat! Dad was super pleased because he didn't have to do it, but it was actually a pretty cool thing to do and after I finished I enjoyed a nice cold ice - block!!

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