Sunday, 17 November 2013

My Story: Titanic

Here is my story,

It was the evening  15th of  April 1912 when I was having dinner with my mama,papa and my little sister, our family was quite rich as my mama and papa were the owner of the titanic we were 1st class passengers and we were in a very large room with 3 bedrooms, 2 lounges and 2 showers. I was quite hungry as I had a big day playing squash, swimming and going in the gymnasium with my sister. After dinner i wandered out and walked around the boat looking at all the glamourous ladies in their beautiful dresses and wearing lovely diamonds, After I walked past them I realised I forgot to tell my parents were I was going, I thought to myself should I go back or continue??.. I decided to continue even thought this was my first time around the boat by myself.

Suddenly a loud siren started to go and I go frightened that I forgot my way to our cabin, the loudspeaker started to come and and it said: “EVERYONE THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PLEASE HURRY AND PUT YOU LIFE JACKETS ONE AND REMAIN IN YOUR CABINS AS WE MAY CRASH INTO A HUGE ICEBERG BUT DO NOT WORRY”I got chills down my spine and stayed still for about 3 minutes then I started to hear screams from the way i came, they started soft and grew louder as they reached towards  the end of the ship I ran to through the enormous crowd of people and started to hear my mama calling me I ran to her voice but it was too late the ship had already started to sink and I did not have my life jacket on i kept running and I saw people going on to little boats i tried to go on one but they said I needed a parent so I stayed on the titanic and started to cry and get ready to die, I lied down on the top of the titanic and waited for it to sink completely after 10mins I was at the bottom of the ocean having a long sleep but I hoped that my mama, papa, and sister got away safe.

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