Tuesday, 10 September 2013

One of the family

Today Norm Hewitt visited Tauranga intermediate to talk about the SPCA and about his family and when he was young, when he was seven when he wanted to be a cowboy, but when he was nine he wanted to be an all black. Norm has 2 children and a wife, he also has a dog called rusty, that they do mostly do everything with their dog because he is a part of this family! The presentation was about 1 hour and 15mins long and at the end he gave out prizes if the people got the questions right :) There were 5 freedoms the first one was shelter, then food and water, then exercise, then love and lastly vet care! He said that dreams come true and treat animals how you want to be treated.   It was really cool and I cant wait till I see Norm next time!!

Here is a pic of Norm playing Rugby:

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