Sunday, 25 May 2014

Burst blood vessel in eye

Mrs Campbell's conversation with her docter:

MC: Good Morning Dr Mike

D: Good morning Wendy, what seems to to be the problem?

MC: How did this happen?

D: There are a lot of ways to cause a popped blood vessel such as rubbing your eyes, Sneezing, 
Crying, Coughing have you done any of these lately? 

MC: Yes I normally cough and rub my eyes.

D: Well then that explains it.

MC: How long will it last for?

D: It will last for approximately 2-3 weeks. 

D: Does it hurt?

MC: No.

D: Well then that good.

MC: Well thank you very much Mr Mike

MC: What can I do to help clear this?

D: There is noting you can do at the moment.

MC: Okey, thanks.

D: Your welcome.

MC: Have a good day, Bye.

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