Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dialogue between the thief's

1: Mate how are we gonna go home?

2: I don't know but how about we steal that Mazda Premacy 2002 those don't have much security.

1: Yeah that sounds like a great idea and once we are done with it we can make a little bit of cash with it.

2: Nah that to risky to sell we will probably just burn it, we don't want the police on us.

1: Yeah your right mate we will just burn it, not lets go get that car.
1: Do you have a plan?

2: Yes when they close I'll go and get the car and make sure the alarm doesn't go off, While i am doing that you will make sure no one comes in and see's us okay. 

1: That should be fine I'll have a hammer just in case the police come.

2: That sounds good.

(after they stole the car)

1: Man that was hard.

2: Yeah man I'm not doing that again that was a close one, Lets drive home now.

1: You drive.

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