Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kia Kaha Revision

What are the characteristics of a bully?
Bullies that think they have more rights then others, They are normally older then their victims, a person that bullies is a person who has been bullied before or they are being hurt at home by family members, average popularity, poor academically and are quite dumb, they often look tough and strong and a big.    
What are the characteristics of a victim? 
They have no friends or they have friends that do not stand up for them, quite unpopular, nobody likes them, they are shy and quiet, they have low self esteem, insecure and unhappy, are depressed,if they are boys they may be physically weaker then there pears,   

Find 3 statistics. Calculate them out to work out how many students in Rimu House they would each affect (Rimu = 120 students) answer = 24

Create a test of 5 true or false statements from pages 9-11 of this document.
Are depressed and engage in suicidal thinking more often than their peers. true or false? 

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