Sunday, 22 June 2014

Computer Scams

Summarise who this letter is from, who it is to, and what it is about.
This letter was from emily parks who lost over $74,000+ U.S.A dollars two years ago.
Emily was trying to get her money back so she got help from the F.B.I.

What are 2 reasons you know that this letter is a scam.
I know that this letter is a scam because firstly they kept saying call this number and email me. and secondly because the email would of got sold to some scammers.

Give 3 pieces of evidence (excerpts of sentences) that prove that this letter is a scam. It has poor english grammar punctuation and english speaking,

Describe a scam or prank you have heard about or been subject to.
I have been scammed when someone calls and says that you have a problem with your computer and that you have to give them your bank details and they will fix your computer.

Give 5 pieces of advice for people to avoid internet or email based scams.
You can look up advice to avoid scams on the internet
Don't give away bank details ever on the internet, If it says you have won 1 million dollars or a iPhone don't go on it because there is a 99.9% chance that it is a scam. The scammers target old people because it is an easy target so make sure you protect your old people.

Here are some pics of common scams:

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