Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Write questions to match answers.

Clarify the title of the video we will watch this morning: Invisible Soldier
Explain what you think the video will be and explain why you think what you think, linking your idea to the words invisible soldier.

I think that the soldier will be invisible and that it will be about a war and the soldier will be invisible because of the title: Invisible soldier.

Write questions to match these answers.

A. 8 years
Q: How many years since the army spent 5million dollars on army gear?

A. Camouflage
Q: What can be the difference between the soldier being dead or staying alive.

A. A material pattern which can be used to camouflage soldiers in any terrain or environment.
Q: What is camouflage?

A. The invisible cloak.
Q: It was once fictional.

A. Quantum stealth technology.
Q: What created the cloak to make it invisible.

A. By bending the light around the person.
Q: How to you become invisible?

A. Snipers.
Q: Who will the invisible cloak help the most?

A. No, you don’t need a power source.
Q: For the invisible cloak what will you not need?

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