Wednesday, 18 June 2014

subordinating conjunctions

Make a sentence for 10  of these subordinating conjunctions.
Highlight or underline the subordinating conjunction in your sentence.
5 of your sentences the subordinating conjunction should be at the start and in the other 5 it should be in the middle. Remember your comma between clauses.

Because of the rain, I was late for hockey practice.

Since it is my birthday today, I can choose what I want for dinner.

After school, I went swimming.   

I was running with my friend, while listening to music.

As I walked up the stares to my bedroom, I tripped and face planted.

I was watching my little sister, and as soon as I turned around she was gone.

I cut my foot, but since there was no plasters I had to let it keep bleeding.

I can only go to the movie, if it is on at 1pm.

Lollies were $3.00 a bag at countdown, where as lollies were $2.00 at the dairy.

When I turn 16, I will have a massive birthday party.

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