Monday, 30 June 2014

Subordinating conjunction

TaskClimate.JPGLinkUse these subordinating conjunctions to make 10 comparative statements related to these charts.

ifwhereverprovided thatuntil

The average temperature in January was 24 whereas in Hokitika the temperature in January was 19. 

The coldest temperature in December in Taupo was 14degrees where as in Hamilton it was 22 degrees.

 Christchurch had its warmest mouth in January with 23degrees where as in July it was the colds month at 12 degrees. 
Unless or until  
Alexandra get over 20 degrees it will stay the coldest for the rest of the year. But even if it gets over 30degrees it will still be the coldest. 
City's  higher up the country are more warmer because it is more far away the antancia. 

Even thought hamilton had the highest rain fall it still reachers 24 degrees. 

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