Thursday, 18 September 2014

2014 elections.

When is election day?
20th september

What hours can you vote on election day?
You can vote at a voting place between 9.00am and 7.00pm on election day

What date does this year’s election officially end?
12am On the 4th of October.

Summarise each of these rules for election day in your own words.

Hoardings - When the different parties put there election boards up.

Sign-written vehicles - In the election you have cars that carry signs/stickers.

Fixed signage on party headquarters and MP’s electorate offices - When the party leader has it's signature in the party office.

Delivery of election material prohibited - Must not mail in mail boxes on eletion day

Websites and social media - All parities have there own websites that show there policies and other things.

Processions and demonstrations -
You are not allowed to protest before 7pm, you can’t use a loudhailer

Streamers, rosettes, ribbons etc -
Can wear but can’t say the party name, logo

Clothing promoting the party or candidate

No tshirts, can wear party colours

Imitation ballot papers

Assistance to get to a voting place

At the voting place

Campaigning around advance voting places

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