Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Family

Write a story by answering these questions. Do NOT copy out the questions. When you are done, your writing should look like a story.

How long have you been in this foreign country?

Why did you go there?

Describe the two people who are with you.

How did you lose your passport?

What repercussions does losing your passport have?

When you went looking for your passport, where did you look?

When did you realise that someone was following you? Describe this person.

While you were running away, you tripped and fell. What happened?

What was the big surprise at the end of your story?

I have been here for over a month now.
I came here because i needed a break from my parents.
I left with my little sister and best friend who are still with me now.
We lost our passports when a beggar asked us for money and ran with my wallet which had my passport in it.
We had to go through customs over 5 times and tell them that we are no lying, they put us through a lying detector and we were allowed to go. When we looked for our passport we looked at the toilets first and then at the sushi place where we went last. We realised someone was following us so we ran, he was tall with tanned olive skin and he had brown hair. When we were running I tripped and fell onto a knife and got the knife into my leg, luckily there was a nurse there to help me. When were we running to quickly go onto our plant we found our passports.

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