Thursday, 11 September 2014

Political Parties

For each of the following political parties
Your choice of party


1 policy you think is a good policy. Copy and paste the policy. Say why you think it is a good policy.

  • National Policy: Work to improve services for rest home residents by better integrating care between GPs, pharmacies, hospitals, and rest homes. ---- I like this money because it help the elderly people. 
  • Labour Policy: ban cruel shark finning ---- I like this policy because labour will ban shark finning.
  • New Zealand First Policy: The Treaty should be a source of national pride and unity and not used to expand the separate rights of Maori or anyone else. Too often the Treaty now divides, polarizers and isolates us. 
  • I really like this policy because it means that it will help all new zealanders not just the ones with a different colour or race.  

1 policy you think is a bad policy. Copy and paste the policy. Say why you think it is a bad policy.

National policy: Commit $350 million, a fivefold increase in funding, for lake and river clean-ups.
I dont like this policy because that is a waste of money and the rubbish will just go straight back into the rivers.

Labour Policy:  
  • work in partnership with the Christchurch City Council to find solutions to the financial crisis created by the cost-sharing arrangement imposed by the current government on the previous council. I just don't like this policy because it has taken way to long to clean up.
new zealand first policy: _______ I could not find a bad policy. 

1 policy which will affect you directly. Copy and paste the policy. Say how this policy will affect you.

National Is going to make classrooms smaller.

Find 3 political words or phrases which you don’t know the meaning of. Copy down the sentence and underline the word.
e.g. Threshold, Campaign, Coalition.

Use any further fiscal headroom to get debt to 20 per cent of GDP debt earlier than 2020.
Clarify the meaning of the word or phrase in this sentence and the meaning of the whole sentence.

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