Monday, 1 September 2014

Guardians vs Demons

I have been on this plant for over 20 billion years, I have been a guardian angel watching over all humans.

The two people that I have taken with me are my cat (saddy) and my dog (zabby), well they look like but they are actually my body gards to protect me from the demons.

When we where flying out of earth to get back to our own plant (plant zozk), my pet cat that was driving the spaceship accidentally pressed the wrong button and broke the engine, so now we are stuck.

Luckily we were not very far away from plant zozk only a 5 year walk. But with zabbys super speed it would only talk about 2.4seconds. So he started his journey by taking saddy and I on his back.

When we first got sent the earth the guardian Queen told us the find a rock with little sapphires around it, she said this to us 13 billion years ago and we have still not found it yet.

Demons have always been our enemy, we have always protected the humans from them but now the demon tribe was getting bigger and bigger, When we got to the strange land we saw a shadow keep popping up behind us. Zabby got his gun out but then I shouted out "NOO" luckily he did not shoot. When we walked closer to the shadow we found that it was a stranded little kitten,so saddy being a cat commanded that we talk it aboard with us. So me being the wise guardian angel I said "yes'.

When we continued to walk along the plant we suddenly saw that cute little kitten turn into a massive demon, "ARRRRRRR" saddy screamed. We ran for our life and luckily zabby killed it with one shoot from his gun.

As we had almost finished walking through the plant I saw a shiny rock thing in the corner of my eye, as we walked closer i realised that it was the rock gem that we have been looking for over 12 billion year!! "YAYAYAYAYA" we all cheered, the demon race was not destroyed forever.

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  1. Creativity 7/10
    Followed the questions 7/10
    Did you finnish? yes
    Dialogue 8/10
    Title bad because it was just called story